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Angel Rivera Designs is an interior design firm based in Dallas, Texas.  With over six years of design in New York, Angel Rivera combines her metropolitan experience with a collected aesthetic. Angel Rivera Designs works closely with clients to make their vision of designed living a reality.


Whether it is taking risks with materials and color or staying neutral, Angel Rivera and her team design side-by-side with you to define your style within your budget. We find true creativity in working within the limitations so that we can tell the most beautiful design story for your lifestyle.


Angel’s focus is to create within the natural boundaries of square footage, budget, or design environment. At Angel Rivera Designs, we value communication of the project at every step of the way. We are always on the hunt for the best resources and quality vendors that provide the materials needed to communicate quality. Create custom touches that suit you.


Vision. Creativity. Quality. Custom. Yours.



Angel Rivera and her team can be reached at

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